About Alchemi

Welcome!  We’re so glad you’re here.


Alchemi is a business and an online space that serves people and organizations that want to change the world.

Alchemi helps soul-centered professionals and organizations transform themselves and their world.   Alchemi exists to inspire, educate, and empower people to be and become their best selves, and to use their unique gifts to make the world better for all of us, by walking their true path—the one that leads them to both the highest possible use and their greatest joy.

We do this by helping them connect with who they are, clarify what they want, and strategize how to get there—and then challenge and inspire them to do it.  We see the practical challenges and emotional blocks between where they are and where they want to go, and help them discover creative and joyful ways to get past them.

Alchemi strives to help people step into their power and take responsibility for changing themselves and the world.  Sitting at the intersection of social change, personal transformation, and organizational development, this is a place to find and share strategies and tactics to make things better.

We also strive to be smart, strategic, and soulful.


What do we mean by soulful?


Connected to the essence of what is good, beautiful, and interconnected, to the inner fire, divine radiance, and peace we each have within us.  Led by a higher calling.  We know this means different things to different people, takes different forms, and has different names—and that’s ok.

Soulful world change is change that starts from this place of inner conviction, goodness, and peace, and spreads to touch all of us.


Things We Believe, Value, and Strive to Practice


Each of us does change the world—it’s up to us to decide how.

People say “each of us can change the world” but really, our very existence already does.  What will we do with this incredible power? The world needs us to be our best selves, because by being our best selves, we make the world better simply by living.


Start with yourself.

Change happens on many levels: the individual, the organization, the community, the nation, the world.  We always start with ourselves.  We know that who you are matters infinitely more than what title you have, position you hold, and that it affects how you interact with those closest to you, and the others in your organization.  When we start from the inside, we build a solid foundation from which to grow our sphere of influence and become more effective.


Know what your values are, and live them.

Values are what you stand for.  Your truth in the world.  Know what they mean in your daily life, and actively practice and honor them.


Seek the truth.

Not what you want to hear.  Your actions may be ineffective, or making things worse.  We strive to be curious and open and objective whenever possible, to understand the full impact of our actions.


Be effective.

When several methods are aligned with your values, then the question becomes—what works?  We are open to any ethical method of change if it works. There are many ways to do things.  The way of change is the one that works.


The tangible and intangible are both vital and connected in social change.

Hard skills and soft skills.  Culture and the bottom line.  Respect, dignity, and love, combined with electricity, food, shelter, and water.  Both tangible and intangible elements of change are necessary and vital to create the kind of world we want to live in.  One without the other is not sufficient.


Each of us is one of a kind, unique and special, yet we are all fundamentally the same.

We celebrate our individual differences and the diversity of us all, while honoring our connection and our similarities: that which is fundamentally human and universal in all of us.


We are all connected.

We don’t pretend to fully understand this, but we know it to be true.  It is the reason behind everything we do.  We know that the existence of poverty makes all of us poorer, and the existence of joy and love creates more for everyone.  It is why we strive to be the best we can be, because doing so is an act of love for all.


Limiting Beliefs We Challenge Here


There are two big ones:

  1. Your life can either be significant while you perish in agony, or you can live a content and happy but meaningless existence
  2. Change has to be hard and painful (or potentially violent)


Why the name Alchemi?


The name “Alchemi” is a play off the word “alchemy” and the Spanish word “mí” (meaning “me”).   It represents our belief that change or transformation—making ourselves and the world better than we are—starts with each of us, the individual, and by connecting to our true selves, and becoming our best selves, we are able to find our greatest and highest use, our way to serve the world—which will not only make the world a better place because we have lived, but will give us joy and fulfillment.

This is the first step in the process of what we call “soulful change;” change that starts on a personal level, then spreads to the world.  That starts within an organization and grows outward to realize its full potential.


About the Logo


The Alchemi logo strives to capture the essence of our values and ideals.  It is simultaneously both a candle flame sitting on wax, and a drop of water rippling outward.

The Alchemi fire/water drop, by representing the union of these two opposites, represents the power and impact of combining:

  • The tangible + the intangible
  • The tactical and local +  a global worldview
  • Action + Reflection
  • Personal responsibility  + Empathy and compassion
  • Results (the end product) + process (the how)
  • A life of action, service, doing + a life of loving, enjoying, being
  • The practical and actionable + the spiritual and universal

The ripples and radiance represent how becoming your best self, or building the best organization possible, extends from where you start out into the world.


More joy, more meaning.  A better world.

Welcome, worldchanger.  Aloha, fellow alchemist.  Thanks for joining us.