Acorns are meant to become oaks.

Who are you meant to become?


A Six Month, Virtual, Small Group Coaching Program for People Who Want to Change the World




Take Consistent, Meaningful Action Towards Creating Your Dreams


What is most important to you in your life?


Make progress on meaningful personal, professional, and community goals.


Love your day to day life more. 


Realign your relationship to work.


Reconnect to a community of purpose.

We start the week of January 9th.

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If you’re someone who wants to change the world, you may have noticed that life can get a bit complicated.  You’re trying to support yourself…. and chase your dreams.  You are trying to do good…. and not get fired.  You are trying to figure out your life purpose…. and your plans for Friday night.

If you have big dreams but haven’t been making much progress, you’re not alone.

Facebook is designed to be addictive.  Your email is a minefield of clickbait.  Our workplaces are often built around filling the hours and feeling “productive,” but not necessarily getting the most important work done.

The world we walk through is meant to clamor for our attention.  Distractions are baked in to daily existence, even in places where, in the past, demands couldn’t reach us – on the train, in a plane, in a car.  Now, everywhere is reachable.

Information streams into our eyeballs and into our ears everywhere we turn.  We are constantly feeling busy and behind.  The time is full, and passes quickly, but when we look back, it doesn’t feel like we’ve done what’s most important – what we set out to do.

And while so many people are feeling this way, it can be easy to feel alone.

The Antidote: Community + Coaching + Consistent Action

I know you’re not alone in trying to make progress and not moving as fast as you’d like.  I’ve been there, and so have my clients.

We know we need to take time to reflect, to prioritize what is most important, and to take consistent action toward our big vision for ourselves and the world, but if you are anything like me, when you’ve tried to do that alone, it looks like: pushing yourself until you crash, then feeling depressed and lonely, and then lying in bed in despair not wanting to get up, deciding you never really wanted to do that anyway, or just simply never getting started.

It really doesn’t have to be that way.  Changemakers in Action is a program designed to support purpose-driven folks like you in making progress on the things that are most important to you – the projects, dreams, and goals that are burning up your heart – while actually enjoying your day to day life more.


The Vision

The Changemakers in Action group is more than just a life or impact group mastermind, where people sit around and talk about what they would do.  More than just a study group, or a bunch of accountability buddies.  It is the beginning of a movement –  a movement of people who believe that changing the world starts with changing yourself.  That starting with joy in your life gives you more power to stand up for what is right.  More power to create new things. More power to make magic happen.

In a world where we are taught to ignore what we feel and that injustice is “just the way it is,” it is a movement of humble, practical idealists who know that the biggest challenges get solved when we each take our own share of responsibility for them – and that the most creative ways to solve those problems can be discovered with joy, fun, and light-heartedness.

The Outcome

Here’s what happens when you step into a six month Changemakers in Action group:

Make progress on meaningful personal, professional, and community goals.

With a small group to show up for, it’s hard to go wrong. You will have me and two other committed, engaged people to help you strategize your next steps, navigate the obstacles that life throws in your way, to cheer you on, and to celebrate your wins.

Love your day to day life more.

We start with ourselves.  How you are feeling in your daily life is actually critically important to your effectiveness, so we start there.  If all you’re doing is beating yourself up every day about how far behind you are and how you aren’t working hard enough, or haven’t done enough, you’re wasting your energy.  But if you invest even just a small amount of time and attention to feeding your essential self, you will be amazed at how much more energy you have.

Feeling whole, happy, and connected to your purpose in life is a crucial place to start – we find meaningful ways to take small consistent actions that support you as an individual.  We remain connected to how you’re feeling throughout the entire program.

Realign your relationship to work.

Align the work you do day to day with your deeper purpose, in whatever way feels most important to you at this moment in time: whether it is searching for a new job, renegotiating your current role, leading an intra-preneurial initiative within your company, or simply bringing your values to work in a more tangible way.

Reconnect to a community of purpose.

You will bring your goals and your mission out into your interpersonal world, starting with your fellow Changemakers –  people like you who care about their lives, about their work, and about their impact.  Together, you supercharge your projects and connect with the broader Changemakers in Action movement.  You’ll have a collective cheering you on and sharing both the challenges and the wins of living a deliberately impact-focused life.

Is This For You?

This program is for mission-driven people who want to take action, but not just in any way, and not at any cost.  It’s a program for people who want to take action in a way that feels good and supports their whole being.  It’s for people who want to take meaningful actions that are aligned with who they are and who they want to become.

This isn’t one of those programs that is going to tell you to suck it up and just do it.   Your health, your happiness, your relationships are important.  If you’re stuck on something, instead of wasting time and energy lamenting how broken you are and how you’ll never move forward, we will get to the bottom of what is really happening and help you work through it.

You believe that the small, quiet voices in your heart and your gut are important.  You believe that your life mission is important, and that finding how it wants to be expressed in the world isn’t always as simple as “just do it.”  If you’re not “just doing it,” it’s probably because you are hung up on a particular challenge, and there is important information there to learn from.  We will help you be brave.  That’s where the power of coaching + community + action comes in.

Meaningful, lasting change doesn’t happen through force, any more than lasting peace can be won with more guns.  If you are the kind of person who would be a good fit in this program, you deeply understand the truth of that statement on a macro level, but may struggle to see how it applies to yourself and your efforts to do what you’re meant to do in this world.  That’s where Changemakers in Action comes in: by showing up for yourself and your small group, and taking consistent, meaningful, aligned action you can create change in a way that is positive and lasting:

I would recommend this program to anyone who thrives with support, but who is an introvert, like me, or anyone trying to get to a certain place in their life but who is standing in their own way.  I joined Changemakers in Action to get clarity around creating a business, and to try and get out of the bad habits that were keeping me from taking concrete steps towards doing it.  
Now I’m thinking about myself differently.  I’m no longer in the space of constantly asking myself, “why can’t I do that?” Instead, it’s like my blinders have come off: I’m seeing what’s behind those behaviors, and doing something about that.  Changemakers in Action forced me to break down big challenges into pieces, and focusing on each of those pieces gave me new discoveries, new ways of looking at things that were actionable — that I could then do something about.  
Focusing on me as the person who was driving my organization has had a positive effect on my organization itself.  I have more confidence about my ability to be a leader in my organization and in my life, and I have more confidence about how I’m going about what I’m trying to do.
Ruby Maddox

Founding Director, Leaders of the Free World

How it Works

 Here’s how the Changemakers in Action group works:

The Power of Three

After applying and being accepted into the program, you are matched to a “tripod” of awesome people – you and two other changemakers – based on your goals and your availability.  The power of three means that everyone gets focused, targeted attention on each call, and with two other folks counting on you and cheering you on, the accountability to each other is very real.

Your tripod meets twelve times over Google Hangouts for ninety minutes at a time.

As a group, your tripod will journey through three units of approximately eight weeks each:

Your relationship to yourself

You are the fundamental unit of change, so if you don’t take care of yourself, you aren’t very effective.  Plus, you can’t give what you don’t have.  This unit focuses on filling up on what you need from yourself to make a big shift.

Your relationship to your work

Is your work working? In this unit we focus more in to how to bring our work lives into alignment with our values and goals, how to feel happier and more fulfilled in our work, and how step into the next level of professional mastery.

Your mission in the world + work in the community

For some people their work is their way of connecting with their community – for others, it’s the people in their immediate family, and for others, it’s the world at large.  This is the unit where we explore how to bring who we are and what we’re about out into a space beyond our previous boundaries.  It’s about connecting, combining and catalyzing with those outside yourself, whoever you define those people to be.

Once each unit, all the tripods will unite virtually for a weekend Spark Day, where our powers combine to make one bursting energy ball of forward movement, and our six month journey together will culminate with one epic All-Changemaker Launch Day.

Your Coach

LatimerStudios-22I’m Lindsey Rogers, and I’ll be your coach and hostess throughout our six month journey together.

If you don’t already know me, here’s a Cliff’s Notes version: I’m a certified life coach and life/career decision “wayfinder” for passionate, caring, multitalented people who want the world to be better because they have lived.  In my coaching practice, I help mission-driven, social-impact focused people find and walk their true path – the one that brings them the most joy in the world, and leads them to their highest level of impact.

In this program, I’ll help you get and keep moving forward in a way that is most aligned with who you are and who you want to become.

Dates & Times

Group Call Dates

Your group will meet every other week from the week of January 9th through the week of June 12th.  You will be able to share your preferences for which recurring time and day of the week would work best for you on your application.

All of the tripods will also combine for four big virtual collaborative days:

Three Virtual All-Changemaker Spark Days:

Saturday, February 11th

Saturday, March 25th

Saturday, May 6th


Capstone All-Changemaker Launch Day:

Saturday, June 17th, 2017


Payment Options

Payment Plan

To Pay as You Go
  • Twelve 90 minute group coaching & commitment calls
  • 3 All Changemaker Virtual Spark Days
  • One capstone Launch Day
  • Private Facebook group to connect, track progress, and celebrate wins with your Tripod
  • Ability to purchase additional a la carte one-on-one coaching sessions as needed throughout the program

Apply Now

If you’re ready to be part of a focused and fun group of people making meaningful progress towards what matters most to you, apply now.  We start the week of January 9th, 2017.

Spots are limited, and preferred dates and times are first come, first served.

Next Steps

After submitting your application form,  I will reach out personally to let you know if you are accepted into the program (if for some reason it’s not the right fit, I will let you know that, too).  When your tripod is complete and your group time and date is confirmed, I will send you a group coaching contract and a link to complete your payment, and you’ll be ready to roll.

Why Now?

Even though this particular group has an application deadline, I firmly believe that there is always time to realign our lives with our highest purpose, to live more fully, to love the adventure that is our life – and that there will always be time if we choose to take it.

But, knowing what I know now, if joining this round of Changemakers in Action feels like it’s calling you, my question to you would be: why wait?

Why wait to feel better about where you are, and where you’re going?

Why wait to feel better about your work in the world and love your day to day life doing it?

Why wait to make meaningful progress on the dreams and goals that are most important to you?

And, why not do it with someone who might make you laugh at some of your crippling fears? Maybe to their face?

Either way, I’m doing a little dance for you over here – for whatever you choose.  Because you can do this. Go get ’em :)