History is made every day. How will you be a part of it?


A Free, Nine Day Challenge


Throughout history, there have been people who could see two realities: the one where everyone else lived, and the one they believed to be possible — worlds filled with equality, freedom, justice, ubuntu, union with nature.  Worlds free from poverty and suffering. Worlds with joy, connection, and community.

There were the people whose names you know, and there were even more people whose names you don’t know.  The people who took a stand for themselves and others.  Who chose a different path.  Who turned up and voted.  Who marched.  Who had brave conversations in wash rooms and in board rooms.

People who created meaning in their lives, and who changed the world for the better by listening to the beat of a different drum: by listening to their hearts, their dreams, and their conscience.  By taking their gifts, whatever they were, and putting them in service of something bigger than themselves.

It’s time for us to become one of them.

We, too, can do those things.

You and I are living history, now.  Creating it.  Every day we are creating the world we live in.  Our mere existence already changes the world.

That is how we step in to the most powerful version of ourselves — the version of ourselves that changes the world on purpose.

This challenge is a movement of people who know that healing the world and all the people in it is about more than just each individual person — but that the only way forward is to start with ourselves. That each of us is the fundamental unit of change, and that change begins from the inside out.

Alchemi’s Courage to Change the World Nine Day Spark Challenge

Every day we are faced with a choice of which we will be: the people who stood by, passively watching the events of the world unfurl around us, or the people who stepped up to shape our world in service of a bigger vision. Since you’re here, I’m guessing that you don’t want to be a bystander, but that you want to be one of the ones — whether Wikipedia will know your name or not — that history remembers as living in service of a mission, a calling, a dream.

I bet you can feel it already, the calling.  You might not know what, but you feel that something needs to be done. And you probably don’t know where to start.

You’re not alone. It’s overwhelming to think about trying to pick up the pieces of the world, one by one. To heal what has been hurt. Or to try and steer an entire system that has the inertia of centuries into a new, uncharted direction.

The good news is that you don’t have to start there. All of the famous changemakers whose names you do know — Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. — none of them started off transforming entire nations. They started with themselves. With their own lives. With their personal relationships. They started by learning to hear that beat, that note of their conscience, and of a higher consciousness. Their calling. Their truth.

Each and every one of us can do that. It just takes one thing: courage.


Calling in Your Courage

Being someone who creates a more beautiful reality often calls us to do things that conflict with the dominant culture, the dominant reality, or the old way of doing things.   It’s not enough to just know what we want to do, to feel what we feel called to do.  Courage is the raw ingredient that each of us needs to bring into our lives if we want to leave this world better than we found it.

And in our world today, where fear seems to be everywhere, and people and systems often use it as a tool of manipulation, courage is necessary.  If we want to build a world that is honors the deep connection and responsibility we have to one another, each of us must learn to be courageous.

That’s the purpose of the Courage to Change the World Nine Day Spark Challenge: to light the spark of our courage, and call you to step in to your most powerful, courageous self.  To listen to your inner voice, and then to take action.

How it Works

In this challenge we test a hypothesis: Nine days, if lived courageously, can can change everything.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Answer the call: sign up by entering your name and email address below, and confirm your subscription by clicking the confirmation link. You’ll also get access to the Alchemi email list, with useful updates and free resources as they become available.

Step 2: Mark your calendar for the next nine days, starting tomorrow (the day after you sign up), and decide when you’ll listen to your challenge each day.  Each challenge is laid out (with stories) in a short audio recording (usually 10-15 minutes or less).

Step 3: Open your email.  Listen to your daily call to action.

Step 4: Complete the daily challenge.

That’s it. Each day is designed to have a challenge small enough to accomplish in less than 24 hours, but potent enough to have lasting effects if you actually complete it.

Take the challenge, and uncover the power you’ve always had.  Take the challenge, and be inspired by stories of other changemakers. Take the challenge, and commit to a bigger vision of what you want for yourself and the world.  Take the challenge, and build your courage to be someone who does things that are deeply meaningful to you, even when they’re scary.  Take the challenge, and spark your momentum towards taking action on what you find meaningful.

Is This For You?

Anyone with a heart and a pulse can take this challenge.  You don’t have to be anything but who you are right now.  You don’t have to show up with anything but a willingness to learn and practice bravery, one tiny step at a time.

The hardest, and most important part, is simply this:  showing up.  In the fullest sense of the word.

There will be a million reasons not to, generated by your brilliant and sometimes misguided brain.  It will say things like, I don’t have time for this.  Or “this is stupid.” Or, I can’t do it.

These are all the voices of fear.  The part of you that knows that something like this can change you.  The part of you that is afraid of your own power, your own ability, and your own potential, because to realize those things might be, at best, inconvenient, and at worst… dangerous – at least to the parts of you that feel comfortable and safe exactly where you are.

Join Me

latimerstudios-67If you’re new to this space and wondering who is writing to you in the first person, let me introduce myself: my name is Lindsey Rogers. I’m a certified life coach and a life/career decision “wayfinder” for passionate, caring, multitalented people who want the world to be better because they have lived.  In my coaching practice, I help mission-driven, social-impact focused people find and walk their true path – the one that brings them the most joy in the world, and leads them to their highest level of impact.

I help these world changing people not only uncover what they really want in their lives, and how to make their lives meaningful, but to also how to get out of their own way when the set out to do it.  And one thing I’ve learned from doing this work is that working to build and create a world that is as beautiful as the one you’ve dreamed of takes courage.

Why Now?

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, but things have gotten bad out there.  That’s not to say that amazing, wonderful things aren’t happening all over the world — that every day there aren’t miracles happening as people overcome all kinds of incredible barriers in order to love and care for one another.  I’m not going to scare you in to taking this challenge – that would be against what I stand for.  But here’s what I know: Fear is always with us.  And we always have to be on the lookout for people willing to manipulate ours and our neighbors’ fear for the profit of few and the detriment of all.  The greatest tragedies of the world happened not simply because a few people decided to use fear, intimidation, and power to enslave and persecute others and destroy the earth, but because of the hundreds, thousands, or millions of people who stayed silent and stepped out of the way.

We need you.  The world needs you.  Why now? Because there is never a better time.  And because I know no better way to be fully alive than to live with courage.

Whether or not you decide to take this challenge, I beg you:  turn inward and connect with what is beautiful and worth fighting for in this world: Truth.  Love.  Joy.  Freedom.  Ubuntu. And let that connection lead you to take some kind of inspired action.  Because you can do it,  and the time is now.